What Finish?

Choosing the right print finish can really make a difference to your business. The finish is just as important as the design. A business trying to promote bespoke high end products wouldn’t be doing themselves any favour by using basic uncoated business cards, it would make the business feel cheap. Similarly a business promoting budget products would give the impression of a more expensive business if they used high end bespoke shape or foiled business cards. Business card material types and finishes say a lot about your brand. You need to choose the best paper that will give prospective customers the right message.

Stock Types

The best paper to print business cards on is card stock. The higher the GSM of the paper, the better the quality of your business card. Let’s go through the types of paper.

We offer 4 main types of stock type:-

Uncoated – a smooth 300gsm card great for budget business cards containing clipart and words. For business cards with bulk colour, photographs or for high end business we do not recommend uncoated.

Matte coated – This is a 300gsm card with a 124gsm matte coating applied on top. The Matte finish has a high colour gamut and is a photo quality finish. These will display all colours more vibrantly as the colour is held on the surface of the card.

Glossy Coated – This is a 300gsm card with a 160gsm glossy coating applied on top. This gives a very premium feel to your business cards. Colours are vibrant and stand out as this finish is also photo quality with a high colour gamut.

Oyster Laid Conqueror card – A 300gsm textured card that is very popular for weddings as it is considered a premium stock choice. It works just like uncoated in the fact it is best for cards with just text and clipart and not recommended for cards with photos and lots of bright blocks of colour.

We can also offer a laminating service for your business cards, and can source thicker 400gsm card for those more premium business print finish, just email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.