Swing Tags Single Sided

Swing Tags Single Sided


Choose from our selection of swing tags & tag labels. You can create your own custom hang tags & personalised swing tags to show off your business , or to thank a friend or teacher.

Made from 300gsm card in a variety of finishes we are sure to have the tag to promote your products effectively.


(max file size 8 GB)
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  1. Sometimes the most familiar things escape our attention, but surely everyone's seen the small paper cards that are attached to most clothing ranges and other retail products?

Swing tags have several names around the world. Here in the UK we tend to use the term swing tag but in the USA they prefer hang tags. We’ve heard all sorts of permutations of luggage tag, tickets, cards and labels. Whatever you want to call it, we are talking about the piece of cardboard that is attached to so many retail products.

Swing Tags Can Reinforce Quality And Credibility

Products with a swing tag reassure the customer that they are buying a high-quality product. They can reassure the customer, that they have picked the correct size, and they can speak volumes for your credibility. They can reinforce the quality by displaying awards, approval stamps or verifying the authenticity of the product. Swing tags are an important part of branding used to talk directly to the buyer. You can get your brand values and attributes across by showing them that you are ethically sourcing ingredients or against animal testing. It reassures customers that they are investing in a good brand that is in-line with their values and expectations.


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