A4 Vellum printed

A4 Vellum printed



Vellum paper is a high-quality, translucent paper that has been used for centuries. It’s made from the skin of calves or lambs and it can be traced back to ancient Egypt where they would use vellum as papyrus scrolls. The word “vellum” comes from the Latin word vitulinus which means calfskin. Today, vellums are typically white in color but you may also find them in cream colors too. They have an elegant look with a smooth texture and feel great when writing on them because they don't bleed through like regular copy papers do (which makes this type of paper perfect for calligraphy). Many crafters use vellum instead of tissue paper to brand their products as buying printed tissue paper can be expensive as you can only buy in volume. We also stock printed tissue paper and printed vellum too

Vellum paper is a great choice for invitations because it has several benefits. First, vellum paper is very thin and lightweight so you can fit more information on the page without making your invitation bulky or heavy. Second, vellum paper gives an elegant look to any design with its smooth texture and subtle sheen. Third, since vellum papers are translucent they allow ink colors to show through which makes them perfect for printing photos or other images onto the front of your cards.

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