6×6″ Personalised Greetings Card

6×6″ Personalised Greetings Card


With so many occasions year-round, create a personalised greetings card. Prove the thought really does count. A special card to treasure not just for the day itself but can be kept as a  memento.

Or if you are an artist sell your artwork on greetings cards so everyone can have a little bit of art to treasure.

Greetings cards are a great way to thank customers for their custom at Christmas. Use them to advertise your business by sending to potential clients.

We also offer Charities the chance to create their own greetings card from artwork, to see to raise money for their cause, please contact me for details as space is limited due to demand (especially at Christmas) [email protected]

(max file size 8 GB)

If you require a small picture of the front image or you logo along with some text to describe it, your website or social media links let us know here if not required just leave blank

(max file size 8 GB)

Personalised greetings cards are created using a variety of 300gsm card. Individually wrapped in a cello with a 100gsm white envelope. We are happy to discuss discounts for bulk or regular orders. Please contact us through the message system or on [email protected]

Also if you require different options such as Kraft envelopes or packaged as a multi pack please contact us to discuss options.

Greeting Card History

The history of greeting cards dates back to the ancient Chinese. They exchanged messages of goodwill to celebrate a New Year. Early Egyptians also used papyrus scrolls to send greetings. Key dates in greeting card history include:

  • 1400’s: Europeans begin selling and exchanging handmade greeting cards, including Valentine’s Day cards (1415)
  • 1775: Members of the Second Continental Congress appoint a Postmaster General for the United Colonies. Thus creating the U.S. Post Office Department (predecessor to the United States Postal Service – USPS) on July 26. The USPS is the second oldest federal department or agency in the U.S.
  • 1800’s: Valentine’s cards become popular and affordable; the Penny Post debuts.
  • 1840: Postage stamp is introduced.
  • 1843: First known Christmas card is published in London.  Sir Henry Cole hires artist John Calcott Horsley to design a holiday card for his friends.
  • 1849: Esther Howland becomes the first regular publisher of valentines in the U.S. and sells her first handmade Valentine. Howland establishes a successful publishing firm specializing in elaborately decorated cards.
  • 1856: German immigrant Louis Prang opens a small lithographic business near Boston. America’s greeting card industry begins. The GCA recognizes the Father of the American Christmas Card with its annual LOUIE Awards.
  • 1866: By this time, Prang perfected the colour lithographic process, as shown in his reproductions of famous paintings, surpassing the quality produced by craftsmen in the U.S. and England.
  • 1870s (early): Prang publishes deluxe editions of Christmas cards, sold mainly in England.
  • 1875: Prang introduces the first complete line of Christmas cards in America.
  • 1941: A small group of publishers, under the leadership of George Burkhardt of Burkhardt-Warner, established the Greeting Card Industry.
  • 1943: The association cooperated with the Post Office, later to become the United States Postal Service, on the first “Mail Early” Christmas campaign.


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