Have you ever had your printing turn out wrong? has it been bad quality, was your logo the wrong colour or even had a border on it when it wasn’t supposed to or had bits cut off? This post will show you the common mistakes I have come across and give you direction on how to create press ready print files.

If your file doesn’t have certain specific attributes it can lead to a whole host of reasons why the file you sent didn’t print the way you expected. The best way to get perfect results every time is to chat with your printer about your labels/print and maybe order a sample first before going into full production. Many print companies do not offer a file checking service as it is impossible to know exactly how you want your label to print. So it is important to learn how to send your file to minimise the risk of them being printed wrong. You can read more about how to create press ready files in this PDF The Complete Guide to Creating Press Ready Print Files

With images to show the most common mistakes made on files this should help you get your files sent to your printer in the exact way needed for them to print correctly.