Clear Label Application Top Tips:-

1) Clean your vessel using alcohol & a lint free cloth, or mild soapy water
2) Ensure the surface is fully dry
3) Avoid touching the sticky bit using your hands. Peel the backing away from the sticker a bit & apply direct to the vessel
4) Apply even pressure as you smooth the sticker onto your vessel in a wrap around motion to try to avoid air bubbles.
If you do get air bubbles plastic cards with flexible edges are also an effective tool at quickly smoothing your labels, and will work best when applying your clear labels to flat surfaces.

Still get bubbling?

Trying to save money by purchasing lower quality bottles? You could risk having your clear labels bubble more easily. High-quality bottles and packaging won’t have any flat or uneven spots. These obscure areas can often cause bubbles to appear. Check your bottles to be sure they’re evenly round by placing a straightedge (such as a credit card or ruler) next to the surface and rotating it. Do you notice any gaps while you roll it around? You can also roll your bottle along a flat surface. Pay attention to how it rolls. If it rolls evenly without stopping or consistently skewing right or left, you have a high-quality container and should be able to apply clear labels without bubbling. If the bottle starts to rock front and back, it’s a sign you may have a problem. It’s important to do this both vertically and horizontally. Bottles, especially personal care product bottles with oval cross sections, tend to see the flat spots more often. If you find any flat spots, you should not attempt to label your products using clear self-adhesive labels.

Wet Out

“Wet out” is a term that is used in the labelling industry to describe the tiny bubble patterns that often appear
under clear labels. This is when the pattern of the self-adhesive shows through the clear film on the bottle. It
happens because of surface energy variations. Usually, the tiny bubble pattern dissipates after 24 hours. Test your labels first to find out if you can plan on it dissipating or if you need to choose a different label for your products.