Multiple Round Candle safety and CLP Sticker Need a big rectangle sticker for your advent calendar or boxes of mixed candles/melts. Then these mu.. Product #: MPL-RCSCLP based on 0 reviews Regular price: £1.50 £1.50 In Stock

multiple Round Candle safety and CLP

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To help us locate your files quicker or set up new files let us know if you have shopped with us before. If you need a change to your business name, number, logo or you have changed the type of CLP you have please choose existing customer with changes and state what changes you need. We will not be responsible if you choose existing customer with changes and we don't spot what change you actually need. Thank you

* Sticker Finish (coatings):

Please select the finish:- 

Please note: If you chose stocked to order items these may cause a delay to your order while I await stock to arrive. To help get your order through quicker please email or message to give a head up that a stocked to order item has been ordered.

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Please give, business name, business address and telephone number (to be printed) This is a legal requirement, if no address and telephone number is entered then your shipping/order details will be used..

* Reprint/New:

NEW: choose this option if you have never had this scent clp before
NEW WITH CHANGES: choose this option if you are a returning customer needing a new clp but need changes to your telephone number, layout, address font etc. Please VERY clearly state the changes needed, If a change is missed because it is not clearly stated we will not accept liability.
RE-PRINT WITH CHANGES : choose this option if you have had the clp done before but it was for a different product or size or shape sticker. Please state VERY clearly the exact changes needed. Failure to do so may cause your order to be wrong and additional charges to put it right.
RE-PRINT: Only choose this option if you have had the clp required and it needs NO CHANGES, if you choose reprint and you had the clp before in a different size/shape OR FOR A DIFFERENT PRODUCT I will print the re-print and not the new shape or size or product requested, PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CANDLE & MELT CLP, IF YOU HAVE HAD CLP IN CANDLE FORM THEY NEED TO BE CHANGED TO BE SUITABLE FOR MELTS AND VICE VERSA. Also please check that the clp has not been updated by the supplier. No responsibility will be taken for any reprints requested that are out of date. If you have requested re-prints and they are not re-prints I reserve the right to cancel your order without any prior notice

* Turnover notice:

I understand my order will take up to 3-5 working days to create and by proceeding with my order I accept this. Working days are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm and day 1 starts 24 hours after ordering not the day you order. Also I require postage and understand that although posted 1st class delivery may take longer than usual. I agree not to contact regarding order delivery until after turnaround and reasonable delivery time has elapsed. If you request a refund within the 3-5 working days and we have not designed your order you will not get back as much as you have paid as Paypal no longer refunds fees on refunds, we will of course refund in full if you need to cancel because we are at fault. If you do not agree please do not proceed with your order. Thank you.

* Yellow warning triangle pictogram:

The yellow warning pictogram is part of the safety information it is not part of CLP and therefore not added to most CLP templates. It can be difficult to have the yellow pictogram on the safety sticker because then can't use it on clp with the red diamond exclamation pictogram. This is because the legislation states you can not have any conflicting information on your product, the yellow triangle and the Red diamond exclamation pictogram denote different levels of warning so if displayed together cause a conflict. This means its better to be applied to the clp to avoid conflict, as its is not part of clp regulation you can request this to be added by checking the box PLEASE NOTE THE YELLOW TRIANGLE WILL NOT BE ADDED TO ANY CLP THAT HAS RED DIAMOND PICTOGRAMS AS THAT CAUSES ALERT LEVEL CONFLICT, ALSO CLP'S PROVIDED WITH THE YELLOW TRIANGLE PICTOGRAM WILL NOT HAVE IT REMOVED IF YOU CLICK THE NO OPTION.

* Round Sizes (Diameter):

Sizes Available

UFI Number:

You must include a UFI number for products to be sold in the EU after 1st January 2021, optional for items sold in the UK

* Scent names:

Please list clearly the CLP needed in this format 1) baby powder 2) baby shampoo 3) Creed please change to Aventos etc

* Item weight/volume/size:

You need to have the weight/volume/size on your product, have it added to your clp if you don't have another method of adding the weight. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN NOT ADD THIS TO RE-PRINTS PLEASE CHOOSE RE-PRINTS WITH CHANGES IF YOU NEED ANYTHING CHANGED.

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