Decals, Transfers & Vinyl

Decals, Transfers & Vinyl
Great for many craft applications these decals, transfers and vinyl are a great lasting way to personalise many items. Suitable for a wide range of uses.

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Vinyl Letters

Choose the Size (custom size are per 12x12" so the bigger the size font needed the less letters will fit, the Colour and the amount of Letters required and state the Font name and the text you'd like in the notes during the payment. Please note: we will copy exactly how you write the message, So please check your spelling and the letter casing (upper or lower case). If you write a name without first letter as capital, that is how you will receive it. We will NOT correct spelling or casing. As we can never be sure if it is a deliberate spelling from the norm or a typo. APPROX Character Measurements as follows (from highest to lowest point of "A" caps character): -small size 2.5cm(1'') high APPROX -medium size 5.0cm(2'') high APPROX -large size 7.5cm(3'') high APPROX Easy to apply to almost any clean and non porous surface, choose from several colours This is a stocked to order item, and I can not guarentee colour from different batches will be the same so please order enough for your complete project The sticker has no background, is applied directly to exterior surfaces to produce a professional finish, so the background colour will be whatever you apply it to. Stickers do not come with pre-fitted application tape. If you require this ensure you also order it Applying them is an easy and straightforward process. Stickers are weather & water proof, to provide a lasting effect. PLEASE NOTE: the colour of the sticker may vary slightly to that shown on your device, depending on the brightness and colour settings of your screen. For optimisation of material used and of the postage, the text of the stickers will be split by word/page, but this not affect the size, quality or quantity of characters. If you want that the sticker to not be split by text/word please choice the postage option "signed for" and the sticker will be sent in a postal tube for extra fees. The sticker are intended to be adhered to the outside of the viewing surface i.e. the outside of a window or directly onto the bodywork or bumper of the vehicle. To apply: ENSURE THAT THE AREA IS CLEAN, free of dust, debris or oil for best results. Peel back the application tape, leaving the decal attached. Line up decal onto surface and rub firmly Peel away the application tape to leave the decal on surface. (Sometimes decal may not fully lift off the backing paper. If this happens you will need to rub with a credit card over the top of the clear plastic firmly until the decal sticks to the surface) When removing vinyl stickers from areas of importance, such as car bodywork, it is advisable to take precautions. By using this sticker you assume this responsibility. Advice & instructions on fitting / removing your sticker, etc, can be easily found on YouTube.


T-Shirt Transfers

T-SHIRTS ARE NOT INCLUDED - this is for the transfer only for you to iron onto the fabric item required. This makes a great and affordable to customise your own clothing, bags and fabric items. Suitable for use on all 100% and over 50% cotton items. Transfers can be used on many other fabrics but no guarantee is given by the manufacturer for suitability and longevity. I have used these transfers many Christmases to personalise hoodies, and even with not following washing instructions (washing inside out and not tumble drying) the decals stayed on for several years with being washed at least once every week. There are two types of transfer and you will need to make a decision which will be best for you as refunds will not be given for the wrong type of transfer being purchased. Light fabric transfer - This transfer works like a stained glass window. It is printed in reverse so the image shows through the back of the transfer. This is the longest lasting transfer but due to the transparency there are a couple of points to remember. 1) colours will only be true when applied to a white background. 2) transfers can be used on light coloured fabric but to show clearly all colours on the print will need to be darker than the fabric colour, and as the colour of the t-shirt colour will show through the print (ink and toner does not apply solid colour) the colours of the print may change, eg a blue on the print may look green if the transfer is applied to a yellow fabric. As the transfer is transparent any unprinted areas will not show too much as the fabric will show through it. Dark fabric transfer - This transfer has a white background to block out the fabric colour and is printed in the normal way. All unprinted areas will show white so you will need to cut off any unprinted areas, this makes transfers with wording and lots of shaping difficult to apply. Also as you peel the transfer off the backing small images can cause burned fingers as the transfer curls up when small making it difficult to hold flat and iron on. This transfer is suitable for all colours of fabric and any print. As the print is on the top of the transfer, these are likely to fade quicker and are less tolerant to high washing temperatures and will completely ruin if used in the tumble drier. I haven't used this transfer much as I prefer the light fabric transfer and adapt my designs and the fabric item to suit.


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Waterslide Decals

Great for personalising cups, mugs, candles, glass etc. I've recently used decals to make custom tiles for my kitchen. Simply soak in water gently slide into place and smooth out. If you ordered in December 2019 and got a free pen, these too were personalised using waterslide decals, most were done by my 16 yr old. Price is per A4 sheet, so the bigger the decal needed the less you get per A4 sheet.


Heat Transfer Vinyl

This is another way to customise your t-shirts. I have tried this item and have applied using a domestic iron, and my t-shirt in the item pictures is now on its second wash with no lifting or peeling. This item is order in only and can take up to 2 weeks to complete depending on the speed of the vinyl delivery price is per A4 as that is a suitable size to personalise most t-shirts. More durable and also can be tumble dried they offer a better solution to the transfers, they can be used on all colours as the vinyl is a solid colour and printable can also be done for those personalised photo t-shirts, pillows and bags. This item can also be transfered to nearly all fabrics with no problem. Add colour needed to the custom requirements box.


Delivery Charges are calculated on weight plus £1.20 for packing and are as follows:-

Please note A3 Size Charges start at the 1kg price

Weight (up to and including) UK 1st Class Post £ European Postal Area £ Courier
100g 1.06 8.00  
250g 1.64 8.45  
500g 2.14 10.95  
750g 2.94 12.05  
1Kg 3.70 12.85  
2Kg 5.90 Call for Rates  
UK Parcels above 2 Kg will be sent via Courier
5Kg     17.85
Max 10Kg     12.99