How to Print on Labels with Templates.

Our free label templates for MsWORD together with our online help make it very easy for you to print on our labels. Before you choose your labels, consider the type of printer you are using. As a rule of thumb, Laser printers and toner based photocopiers are suitable for printing on labels of all types. However an Inkjet printer is not suitable for printing on labels with a gloss surface, eg. Waterproof labels, Metallic labels, or Fluorescent labels.

Within Microsoft Word, there is a simple program which helps you to position the print on labels accurately. To find this, go to: Tools > Letters and Mailings. Then under options, you can select the label layout if you know the equivalent Avery code. Avery label codes are listed in the table below where appropriate.

However, to make things easier, we have produced the label template table below where you can simply download a WORD or PDF label template file to assist you to print on labels.

Always test on a piece of paper first as all printers feed differently and some adjustments may be required.

Sometimes clients just can't get our templates to work for them. So, on most PDF templates, we have included all the technical data so you can set up your own templates.

Most Laser printers have an alternative setting for 'labels'; this changes the default paper setting from 80gsm. On the screen that appears before you print look for the 'properties' or 'settings' option where you will find a selection of 'material' settings. Choosing the 'labels' setting will slow down the printer and will alter the temperature of the fuser unit, so that more energy is supplied to the labels. This bonds the toner to the surface of the labels. If you use the 'normal paper' settings then the toner may rub off easily because there has not been enough energy to bond it correctly.

Rectangular Label Stickers

No. Per Sheet Size (mm) Avery Code
WORD Template PDF Template
1 200 x 289 L7167 1up.doc 1up.pdf
2 200 x 143 L7168 2up.doc 2up.pdf
4 99 x 139 L7169 4up.doc 4up.pdf
6 99 x 93 L7166 6up.doc 6up.pdf
8 99 x 68 L7165 8up.doc 8up.pdf
10 99 x 57 L7173 10up.doc 10up.pdf
12 63 x 72 L7164 12up.doc 12up.pdf
14 99 x 38 L7163 14up.doc 14up.pdf
16 99 x 34 L7162 16up.doc 16up.pdf
18 63 x 47 L7161 18up.doc 18up.pdf
21 63 x 38 L7160 21up.doc 21up.pdf
24 63 x 34 L7159 24up.doc 24up.pdf
40 46 x 25 L7654 40up.doc 40up.pdf
65 38 x 21 L7651 65up.doc 65up.pdf
189 25 x 10 L6008 189up.doc 189up.pdf

Round Label Stickers

No. Per Sheet Size (mm) Avery Code WORD Template PDF Template
6 88 round 88mm round 88mm
12 63 L7670 round 63mm round 63mm
15 51 round 51mm round 51mm
24 45 round 45mm round 45mm
35 37 round 37mm round 37mm
48 30 round 30mm round 30mm
70 25 round 25mm round 25mm
117 19 round 19mm round 19mm
216 13 round 13mm round 13mm

Square Label Stickers 

No. Per Sheet Size (mm) WORD Template PDF Template
12 64 x 64 square 12.doc square 12.pdf
35 37 x 37 square 35.doc square 35.pdf
70 25 x 25 square 70.doc square 70.pdf